1. Gatsby. I hate mornings…who doesn’t?! But when Gatsby, my bully baby, puts his loopy face on my pillow at the crack of dawn, it’s a cup of cappuccino and off we go to the park!
  2. I am an avid explorer of anything intellectually stimulating – travel, books, life.
  3. Art. Museums and galleries are my playgrounds. I am a visual collector. Favorites: MoMa in NYC, Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow, Saatchi Gallery in London.
  4. Tea time. Give me good quality Earl Gray and scrumptious scones and see me sink into a cozy euphoria. I will talk your ear off on the dread of our frenetic pace of life, full of paper coffee cups and text messaging. It’s awfully hard to find a decent English high tea venue on the west coast. My quest for it, however, continues.
  5. Color. Think Kate Spade storefront on steroids: bright palette, sparkle and plenty of whimsy! If I were a single object I would be an orange Vespa zipping through the busy streets of Rome!
  6. Film. Rome makes me think of Neorealism in Italian cinema with its distinctive focus on everyday life of people, their circumstances and little victories in the place they call home. Think Roberto Rossellini, Federico Fellini. Dream New Wave in France with incredible talent of Jean-Luc Godard. If you are into Art House or simply like to be engaged by the art that is cinema, stay tuned – I will never pass a chance to throw some curious finds into the mix!
  7. Food. Obsessed. Pilates and yoga help fight the consequences.
  8. Only child. Nothing helps fight the consequences.
  9. Accent. My whiff of Russian and American accents combined strangely make me have a Brazilian accent in Spanish. So I have been foolishly told…
  10. Education. It is never late to learn. I have an economics BA with a minor in dance history from Barnard College, unfinished MFA in fashion marketing and courses in film and art that are too many to count. I like to keep my mind busy.
  11. I have a fetish for statement jewelry and used to own a boutique specializing in the bold and beautiful vintage pieces from 1950’s-1970’s.When it comes to fashion jewelry I agree with Iris Apfel: “More is more and less is a bore.”
  12. I love the smell of guavas. And I am one of those weird finicky people who always smells fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ market.