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Yekaterina Suprun – Editor & Founder 

Hello and welcome! My name is Katya and I am the chatty voice behind Posh Rx. Admittedly, I have the best job in the world! I spend my days feeling inspired, scouring the web for trending news on the topics I love and stumbling upon beautiful products, intriguing concepts and creative people I admire. And best of all, I get to share what I know and find with you!

Born in Moscow in 1986 and raised between sunny California and dynamic NYC with a confetti of international travel sprinkled on top, I consider myself a gypsy at heart! Good ol’Europe with its cobblestone streets and charming little cafes forever holds my heart and I will never miss a chance of running away there!

My passion for design and architecture comes from my parents who never tired of building and remodeling every piece of real estate they could get their hands on…repeatedly and to a painstaking perfection. We lived in a state of creative chaos at once unnerving and exhilarating! And, boy, do they like to dress up! All in all with a duo like that it’s no wonder that my economics degree dissipated in favor of art, fashion and media!

I invite you to share with me this space of creative inspiration! Please ask questions, comment and let’s be friends!