Top Interior Designer Tips on Displaying Art

I have been an enthusiastic collector of art ever since I moved into my first studio apartment in Manhattan many years ago. I felt grown up, independent and thus worthy of my first decorating efforts. What I learned relatively quickly is that art collection at age twenty is a strong word. I had no resources to pursue oil paintings from fancy Chelsea galleries and, instead, satisfied my cravings for beauty by purchasing high quality prints, limited edition photographs and student art projects to decorate the blank walls of my apartment. You can see my posts on collecting art on the limited budget here and here. Today, however, I want to talk about the best ways to display art you already have in a creative way. I am lucky to have many expert tips from the top interior designers to share with my readers. Below you can find a condensed version of tricks and practical advise but please make sure to read the full version from the Canvas Prints, a lovely blog with a wealth of decorating ideas.1 23 4

Feature image via A Cup of Jo and Infographic images via the Canvas Prints