Decor Crush: Scandinavian Elegance with a Rustic Edge

ScandinDecor_4Recently I find myself obsessing with Scandinavian influences in interior design. Ikea, move aside, for I am not talking about generic, cookie-cutter finds but a whole concept of minimalism which mixed with curated details and variety of textures results in a home that is both cozy, beautiful and modern. Though my personal decor inclinations usually stir away from monochrome with preference for color and bold details instead, this gem of a home, featured by Elin Parr for Draumesidene, has won me over entirely. I cannot get enough of its simplicity and relaxed cozy vibe. You can just imagine curling up on this sofa, wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa in hand. What a dream!

Renowned for its simplicity, functionality and understated elegance, Scandinavian decor has a pure relaxed style that is centered around clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and plenty of texture. The color choice for this home is a combination of muted beige, grey, white and black, a palette that is pretty straight forward, if not austere. However the use of light literally pulls all the elements together, the sunshine flowing through this home, highlighting its every impeccably chosen detail and adding warmth and a sense of lived-in cosiness and sensuality to every corner. The wood floors are painted white which also visually opens up the space.

I love the fusion of stylistic elements. Midcentury chairs, industrial light fixtures and rustic wooden slab tables come together in perfect functionality, versatility and chic, making this home a place that is unique, artistic and highly livable.

 Images courtesy of  Elin Parr for Draumesidene