Posh Rx Shop is Here!

k_georgeHello darlings! I am excited to announce that Posh Rx Shop is now live on Etsy. If you loved the vintage jewelry pieces I’ve worn for My Looks section of the blog, you will now have a chance to acquire similar pieces. I cannot believe the shop is finally here!

As girls growing up we all had this wondrous moment of discovering the treasures of our mother’s vanity, closet and jewelry box. Stilettos seven sizes too big, smeared lipstick and a string of pearls were met with laughter… yet, looking back at this first attempt at femininity, we still remember how happy it made us feel!

For me growing up this nostalgia for unabashed self-expression was transformed into fascination with costume jewelry and especially the vintage masterpieces created by Kenneth Jay Lane, Lawrence Vrba and Alice Caviness. As with most creative projects, Posh Rx Shop was born in a spontaneous strike of inspiration prompted by complete dissatisfaction with the poor quality and drag ambiance of most boutiques targeting the niche vintage market. Developing Posh Rx Shop I strived to create a new place that emphasized the beauty of things past, their artisan craftsmanship, rich patterns and superior materials. I believe that with globalization and its mass production, objects have lost their vivacious soul, uniqueness and flair. I simply wanted to change this and allow you to glance into the world of superior craftsmanship, design and vintage charm.

Posh Rx Shop is a unique retail concept based on a passionate belief that femininity is a gift to be treasured and playfully explored. In contemporary rhythm of life little time is taken to slow down and enjoy the theater of dress up, allure of charm and fragility of the fleeing moment. The ambition of Posh Rx is the return of seductiveness, mannerisms and, above all, boldness of creative self-expression!

Tantalize, enchant, bedazzle!