MUBI: Curated Movies to Discover


I love film and nothing gives me greater joy than to find a new resource for discovering cinema. I was browsing the internet the other day and stumbled upon MUBI. MUBI is an online platform that delivers a hand picked selection of the best films for just $4.99 a month. The main focus is on the cult, classic, independent and award-winning films from around the world. With a daily “Now Showing on MUBI” stream MUBI experts introduce you to a film they love and you have a whole month to watch it giving you 30 extraordinary films a month to enjoy. The platform is device friendly with an ability to watch a movie on your mobile device, iPad, laptop and TV. You can also instantly stream at home or download for offline viewing later. We all know that there is Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and other device-friendly subscription services. What exactly makes MUBI different? I believe that its best feature is incredibly well curated content and the sense of discovery it gives its subscribers. I love film and over the years I got pretty savvy about finding intriguing foreign and independent movies. However you have to really weed through a lot of junk to find a good pick – it takes time and plenty of patience. If someone can do the job for me and do it well, wouldn’t it make my life just a touch simpler? I also found that MUBI suggestions are very experimental – not something I would just randomly pick on my own – but surprisingly satisfying. The presentation and website layout is simple and aesthetically pleasing making it easy to make decisions on which movie to watch. I am very happy with my 1-week free trial and am thinking of signing up for a whole year. $60/year for 360 films is a pretty good deal in my book!