Local Flavor: SF Blooms Delivery


I am a big believer in flowers for every occasion. Friend stuck in bed with a case of flu? Sun flowers will cheer her up. New job? What looks lovelier than a bouquet of peonies in her corner office? Or some white tulips with a handwritten note left by the door just to say hello?!

Flowers bring joy to the lucky recipient and life and charm to the home. Now it is simpler than ever to grace your friends, or yourself, with a  treat of colorful blooms. I want to share with you my two favorite flower deliveries in San Francisco. I regularly use them to put a smile on the faces of those I love. Both of these companies are equally amazing and I occasionally choose one over the other based solely on the bouquet arrangement variation they have at the time. A girl gotta mix things up every now and then!!!

Farmgirl Flowers


Farmgirl Flowers is a San Francisco-based company that strives to support local farmers and businesses by only selling US grown flowers and delivering them in an environmentally sound way – by a fuel-efficient car or bicycle! The flowers are affordable, delivered fast and incredibly lovely! Here is a video on Farmgirl Flowers‘ story:


Bloom That


Another Bay Area native Bloom That is an on demand handcrafted blooms delivery service. I love using Bloom That on my iPhone app when I need quality, convenience and simplicity. What other flower delivery service can deliver high-quality bouquets in under 90 minutes and send you updates along the way!? You will never be left guessing whether your flowers made it safely to a birthday bash – once delivered, a text message notification will pop up on your phone 🙂


Images courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers and Bloomthat