Local Flavor: Exclusive SF Activities

IfOnlyFlowerExperienceHave you ever found yourself in a rut sitting another weekend away on a couch watching sitcoms, ordering in and generally being a lazy bum? I am guilty of it and had been on many occasions. Like going on adventure and trying new activities is ever a bad idea?!!!! We all settle into our comfort zone on a path of less resistance – such is human nature – and it takes lots of willpower to break out of the established routine.

Now, more than ever, however, we are provided with ample opportunity to explore local activities and book tickets to adventures we never knew existed with a click of a button. Via local events recommendations platforms you can find activities for every taste and every budget. There is so much going on in the city of San Francisco alone:

These activities are just a few that caught my attention and I urge you to explore If Only, Vayable and Sosh for other fun events in your area. And if you are an outdoorsy type, there is The Outbound Collective just for you! No more couch duty, please! And no more excuses…