Jazz up Your Holiday Dress with Statement Jewelry

NYEStatementDecember is a wondrous month of anticipation. Anticipation of a champagne cork shooting up into the ceiling, friends’ laughter, confetti. There is a sense of magic in the air and for fashionistas all over the world it is the magic of festive transformation. Living in Moscow, I remember running into the doors of GUM department store from the streets sugared with first snow, frost blush on my cheeks and gift list in hand. Christmas trees soaring up several floors high, bright with toys, ribbons and bows. As a teenage girl I would plan my outfit in advance of the New Years Eve, the most celebratory night of the year. Somehow more so than your birthday, it was the night to shine, to wear your most fancy evening dress, the brightest jewelry and exquisite makeup. To this day when thinking of December, I treasure this memory of wonder and promise of what the night would bring and all the preparation that goes into celebrating it. Now as NYE is approaching I want to showcase my favorite accessory – statement necklace – with some styling tips to elevate the evening look and give it just enough character, sparkle and magic to meet the year 2016!

Strapless Dress + Pearl Chocker


Lush Color & Pearls

Little Black Dress + Beads


Little Black Dress

Boutique Moschino skater skirt

Chanel necklace

Black onyx necklace

Lanvin black necklace

Leith statement necklace

Jewel Tone Dress + Multi Gem Necklace


Burgundy Swing


Green statement necklace

Fuchsia necklace

Madame Melon chain necklace