Inspiration: Fairy Tales

1) Tim Walker for Tatler Magazine; 2) Natalia Vodianova as “Alice in Wonderland” by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue; 3) Olga Moskvina as “Mermaid” by Nika Kurnosova; 4) “Rapunzel” by Adrienne McNellis; 5) Kiera Knightley as Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz” by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue; 6) Karlie Kloss & Humpty Dumpty by Tim Walker for W Magazine; 7) Fantasy and Fairy Tales Photography Series by Margarita Kareva; 8) ”Dream of the Dress” Fashion Editorial for Harper’s Bazaar China; 9) Lulu Savvina as “Dracula’s Bride” by Nava Monde; 10) Lola Blanc as “Snow White” by Tolga Katas; 11) “The Princess & the Pea” in Dark Fairytales Series by Eugenio Recuenco; 12) “Queen of Kings” by Nyree Mackenzie for Moustache Magazine; 13) “Fuglarnir” by BEINTAbeinta; 14) Dark Queen by Lelya Martian; 15) Kasia Jujeczka for “Fairytale Evening Gowns” by Yuval Hen; 16) Daul Kim as “A Thumb Princess” by Kim Jun Han, Vogue Korea; 17) “Malgosia Bela & Five Guardsmen” by Tim Walker