How to Get Restful Sleep in Smoldering Summer

The summer heat got you tossing and turning all night? Or are you battling the popular war of “cover-uncover-cover-uncover”? When humidity and heat trapped me in what seemed to be a steam cocoon night after night I was left wondering if there was anything I could do to remedy this ghastly state of affairs and finally get some peaceful rest! What I learned is not mind-blowing or game-changing but it will guarantee you the beauty sleep you deserve and comfort along the way! It is time to lighten up and revamp your bedroom:

Image courtesy of David Gomez 


First things first. Has it ever occurred to you that just like your wardrobe bedding is a seasonal product? Save sexy silk for cooler nights as the last thing you want is slipping and sliding in non-absorbent fabric on a humid night! Light-colored bedding sets made out of lightweight cotton or linen are breathable and excellent for promoting airflow in your bed. Cotton or linen? Parachute has got you covered for both with a beautiful Linen & Cotton Blend Duvet Set. Parachute is a fantastic online bedding company based in Los Angeles with products manufactured in Italy. La Dolce Vita at its best – one pillow case at a time!  

Parachute Linen Blend Duvet Set in Sand Color


I love a fluffy goose down comforter in winter because it is like melting into a warm cozy cloud each night. However what provides much-needed heat and comfort on a snowy night turns rather overwhelming on a warm one. So do I pack my goose down away? Hell no, fluffy clouds, remember?! I keep my beloved comforter but choose a lighter version. What differentiates a winter comforter from a summer one is the amount of goose down feathers that fill it or, simply, its thickness. In the summer I like to switch my comforter from 750+ fill power to somewhere around 550.

If feather comforter is too warm for your taste, trade it for a lightweight blanket in 100% cotton:

Pottery Barn Organic Essential Blanket


OB-restful sleep

Morgan Lane Lanie Sleeping Mask Set; This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray; BODAS Striped Seersucker Cotton Pajama Top; BODAS Striped Seersucker Cotton Pajama Shorts; La Mer Lip Balm 

Less is definitely more when it comes to summertime jammies. Cotton wins again! Pick a loose, soft cotton jammies or go for separates like a pair of cute boy shorts and a white tank. Going nude on a hot night never works for me as it always makes me feel overheated not allowing the moisture to evaporate between my body and the sheets. I swear by La Mer lip balm to rejuvenate my lips and make them soft overnight. Another recent discovery is a Deep Sleep pillow spray by This Works. With a blend of calming lavender, vetivert and wild chamomile, it guarantees to soothe the busy mind and prepare you for the night of restful sleep. And if the sun shines bright and wakes you up despite your curtains, a sassy cute eye mask is a must! Also handy on a transcontinental flight!


During a hot summer night you have no other choice but to fan away the heat. There are wonderful modern fan versions that are not too sore on the eyes. The placement of the fan is key in creating the right airflow. Keep the bedroom door open and position the fan in a corner of the room so it faces your bed. This way the cool air will spread more efficiently to cool down the entire room. Also, if the heat is not too overwhelming outside, open your windows an hour before bedtime. This will increase air circulation and cool down your bedroom. Don’t forget to close the windows before you retire for the night to avoid heating up the room with the heat of the morning sun.

These fans are pretty dapper:

Dyson Bladeless Fans


pouring water into glass from a bottle, on blue background

Dehydration is common in the summer as with sweat we lose our natural water balance. Exercise exacerbates the situation as well. Not drinking enough H2O will make you feel exhausted even if you had your full 8 hours of sleep. You can remedy the situation by drinking a glass of water thirty minutes before bedtime. Make sure to not exceed 8oz though or you risk waking up to make a trip to the bathroom. 

To address the your skin, keep an Evian spray bottle in a glass of ice by your nightstand. When you wake up during the night due to heat, mist your face and neck to cool down.


Empty glasses set in restaurant  Dinner table outdoors at sunset

Oh those summer gatherings full of outdoor dining and plenty of laughter! Even though it stays lighter much later, it doesn’t mean you should delay dinner until 9 PM. Eating a heavy meal close to your bedtime can make you feel bloated and cause digestive unrest leading to trouble in falling asleep. Anything sugary will also keep you awake so stir clear of cookies and ice cream as you watch your late night show. 

Warm weather introduces another craving for me – I long for rosé, the nectar of summer! Whenever I indulge, I have trouble falling asleep and, even worse, staying asleep! Drinking too much alcohol at night causes fragmented sleep. If you must attend a late night party, enjoy one alcoholic drink and then swap your beverage for club soda with a slice of lime or iced herbal tea. I usually ask for a non-alcoholic mojito and most places with full bar will oblige.


I believe that most electronics must be unplugged an hour before bedtime. Late night email checking, iPhone texting and heat-blasting flat screen TVs, anyone? All these bright screens will wire you up and ensure you want fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. One exception to the rule is music. My iPad collection of soothing bedtime music is my favorite for relaxation. These gentle piano compositions lull me right into sweet slumber.

Although I can’t guarantee its effectiveness just yet, I have recently come across a tech wonder that promises to cool you down automatically. Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat is a high-tech pad that stays cool through water circulation and that seems like a pretty good idea!

What helps you fall asleep in the summer? Any tricks I have missed?