Holiday Card Reinvented


Boy, do I love winter holidays! You check your mailbox for expected delivery from Amazon and discover a card or two. Faraway friends send you greetings and there are illustrations of Santa, Christmas trees, penguins and other usual suspects. The messages are sweet, short and predictable: joy, love, success in the new year and blessings to all. Don’t get me wrong – I love these tokens of attention and send them out myself with cursive doodles and cutesy rhymes. However, what I truly love is a good creative surprise from a friend who is so aesthetically talented you want her to have a reality TV show just to see how she pulls it off. One such friend, let’s name her J, has dazzled me with a lovely marvel of a package yesterday and I could not help myself but admire the card that went with it:

Instead of buying a generic card, J had a wonderful suite of two illustrations designed: one featuring a printed ancient proverb with a personal message and another containing her “Homemade Apple Cider” recipe. The two cards were stacked together and tied with red and white baker’s twine! I could not take my eyes of all the beauty! I kept thinking to myself – this is simply genius!

Holiday season brings us family gatherings full of laughter and shared meals. Food is a universal language of love and friendship – it brings people together at one table, passing homemade entrées and chatting over a glass of seasonal cocktail. What can be better to share than your own recipe fit for entertaining guests? It is so thoughtful, intimate and original at the same time! Thank you J for introducing me to such an amazing idea! Happy Holidays!

Here are a few recipe illustrations for your inspiration:

Victoria Sponge Cake by Benedicte Caillat
Best Basic Hummus by Nadia Gohar for Food Republic
Lavender Cream Biscuits by Kayla King
Kath’s Go Faster Pancakes by Kate Sutton
Chocolate Chip Cookies by Lucile Prache
Fig & Melon Martini by Snippet & Ink
Hot Mulled Cider by Lisa Congdon
Sangria by Marcella Kriebel
Feature image courtesy of Felicita Sala