Goldilocks Eat Your Heart Out!


Beautiful hair is what we all want. We want it to grow stronger, shine brighter and hold all the latest styles longer. A good colorist and hair stylist is a must but there is only that much they can do if our hair is over-processed and dull. That’s where our homework comes in! Over the years living in NYC and CA I was blessed to have talented stylists touch my hair and whip it into perfection. During our appointments they would spill some trade secrets and give invaluable beauty advice. I have tried many products – some worked, others left me disappointed and many dollars short. However, after trial and error, I have finally found my holy grail and would love to share it with you:




For the hair to grow longer and stronger, it needs nutrition. I remember venting to my stylist friend Eugene that my hair stopped growing. As most girls, I wanted to have that shiny tasseled hair that at once looked sexy and elegant. I needed length and I needed it now! At that point I have already completely abandoned blowdrying, washed my hair only twice a week and used the gentlest products. We joked that it was nothing hair extensions could not correct but then decided to give the natural route another chance. A beauty recipe, whispered about in hair stylists’ circles, a mesmerizing blend of wishful thinking and possible miracle! I was intrigued and equally desperate for help… I was all ears. The answer was simple and obvious – vitamins. However, the right combination was key:

Rainbow Light Prenatal One – higher than regular multi in all the necessary vitamins yet safe to use on a regular basis

Sun Black Currant Oil – wealthy with Omega 3 & 6 necessary for beautiful skin, nails and hair

Biotin 5mg – excellent for stronger hair and nails (I used Whole Foods brand but Country Life is also excellent)

All in all, I took this trio every day for six month and noticed an increase in growth and slow down in hair loss. I was a colorist’s dream client as my roots for the last few months were out of control!




Now that our hair is at its full health potential with the help of vitamins, we need to have a few products that will keep it shiny and silky instead of weighing it down unnecessary. My first advice is to get rid of any shampoo that contains sulfates. Sulfates dry out your scalp and hair making it fragile and frizzy. The conditioner should be light yet moisturizing containing natural oils like coconut or jojoba. The oils will help the hair regain its shine while hydrating and detangling it. I highly recommend you only use shampoo twice a week. If you had an intense workout and need to wash your hair – rinse it with water and apply a small amount of hair conditioner. This will refresh your hair and help you last till the next shampoo. No matter the quality and gentleness of the cleansing products – over washing your hair will dry it out so please try your best at cutting the frequency. If you blow dry your hair, I would suggest getting a leave-in product that protects agains heat damage and using the blowdryer on its coolest setting. I also like to use an oil mask in my hair once a week. I usually save it for a home-cleaning day when my husband is away and I don’t have to go out for a few hours. I soak my tresses in oil, pin hair up with a claw hair clip and go about home doing laundry and dusting. After an hour or two I wash it off. Here is the list of the products I love:

Serge Normant Meta Silk Shampoo – sulfate-free, gente and nourishing

Serge Normant Meta Velour Conditioner – light yet leaves hair thick and silky

Kerastase Ciment Thermique Reconstructor Milk – smoothes out any frizzies and protects from heat

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – helps skipping shampoos while looking sexy and fabulous

Oribe Signature Cream for Style – smoothes any remaining fly-aways and adds texture

Kiehl’s Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate – brings over-processed hair back to life



At last, no hair beauty regimen will be complete without some trusted tools. I brush my hair thoroughly before I go to sleep and when I wake up. It is essential to brush for it helps distribute the scalp oils throughout the hair moisturizing and detangling it. Also brushing helps keep it cleaner longer due to the even oil distribution. I use the comb for my mask-day to make sure it covers my tresses from roots to the ends. And the most important part – hairdryer. This is where it is important to do your research and invest in a good professional ionic dryer. If you have to dry your hair every day, make sure you get the gentlest, quickest hairdryer that won’t overheat and damage your hair. Here is what I use:

Maison Pearson Hair Brush – pricy but totally worth it

Janeke Hair Comb – great durable comb

Sedu Revolution TGR 4000I Hair Dryer – good investment, doesn’t overheat, gentle and ionic

I really hope this list will help you as much as it helped me! Fabulous hair galore!