Focus: Jean-Paul Bourdier

jean_paulCalifornia-based photographer and professor at UC Berkeley Jean-Paul Bourdier’s art concentrates on the beauty and geometry of the human body. In his collection of photographs entitled “Bodyscapes,” he combines landscape and painted human body as a canvas to create a visual union, bold in color and spirit. All of the images are shot on location in analog photography and no digital manipulation is ever performed. Merging multiple disciplines – photography, sculpture, dance and body art – Bourdier stylizes and 
stages each expressive scene with a strong philosophy behind each creation:

in working with the bare and painted body, I am also working with
the demands and challenges of a body-mind state that I call ‘not
two—many twos’. 
for example, without clothes the body regains its undivided primary
nature, being intricately part of the forces of the universe. 
one and many. the visual works I come up with are thus a continual
experiment of how we physically, rhythmically relate to this universe
from the specific, 
intimate bodyhouse

Fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful.

Images courtesy of Jean Paul Bourdier