Decor Crush: Coco Rocha’s Dreamy Nursery


“I didn’t want princessy pink for my daughter. I also didn’t want a theme, like ‘zoo’ or ‘space’—themes feel so ’90s to me. I really think children can be stimulated by all sorts of colors and patterns.” — Coco Rocha

I could not agree more. What is far worse is squeezing your child into gender stereotypes right off the bet…or straight from the womb, should I say? Little princess…yawn. Ok, pink obsession is on Matel’s conscience but how did we come up with powder blue for boys? Sticking to this predictable color themes is so dull and unimaginative. There are so many colors, shades and tonalities, so many graphic details that blending together can create a space enjoyable at any age. Why settle for the room you’ll have to completely take apart in the next two years as your child grows out of all the sparkle and kitsch?

one_kings_lane_cocorocha_ fullroom

I admire Coco Rocha’s baby nursery. It has exploded the internet and I can definitely see why. It has found resonance with the parents of the new generation who don’t treat their children as an end of an era, their youth and independence. They adore their kids but make the child embrace their lifestyle and creative vision instead of cocooning it in a set of preconceived notions of what its life should be based on the book or yet another parenting stereotype. Coco Rocha with the help of Alex Reid, designer for One Kings Lane, has created a space that continues the decor of her home and is inviting to all age groups. She threw in color, wit and charming accessories soothing and inviting to her little girl while preserving the integrity of space and its unique beauty. The room turned out to be a captivating puzzle of curious details, impeccable taste and functionality. You can already tell that little Ioni will grow into this room and be able to enjoy it in the years to come.

And the best part – if you see something you love, most items are available on One Kings Lane for purchase!

 Images courtesy of Manuel Rodriguez for One Kings Lane