Brows Aplenty


I am growing out my brows. We all have been there. We over-pluck in our teens and college just to hit mid twenties and suddenly realize that big brows are beautiful. It is a typical scenario of “don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”!  It is of course a matter of fashion too for the past five years showed a big brow trend going mainstream. Cara Delevingne’s virginal brows are every fashionista’s dream. Trust me… Just start typing her name into your browser’s search and before you even finish “Deleving…” you get suggestions: “Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows”… yes, not her modeling or acting. Brows.

I have used neuBrow Enhancing Serum a year ago and it did nothing for me –  a few hairs were coming in here and there but nothing dramatic. When I switched to LiBrow Serum my brows really blossomed! In a matter of two months, they were thicker and even darker!

Below you can find a list of reputable solutions on the market right now. If you tried them, comment and share with the rest of us girls. Nothing beats personal experience.


BROWS APLENTY LIST: Brow Relonge Eyebrow ConditionerLatisseAnastasia Brow Enhancing SerumTalika Eyebrow GelRapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow SerumneuBrow Enhancing SerumLiBrow Serum

The team at the Beauty Department has a great guide on using castor oil for eyelashes and brows. This might be my next step! Natural way, baby!

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