Books as an Art Form

CapsBooks_FeatureAs of lately I have been obsessed with creating my own personal library which would be at once rich in content, meaning and aesthetic presentation. Over the years I have collected many photography, art and fashion books and have been a loyal admirer of Taschen, Assouline and Rizzoli publications. These books by Mario Testino, Annie Leibovitz and the like were scattered around random corners of my house, coffee tables, consoles and the dining room shelves. As I started putting more effort in the decor of my home, it became evident that in order to save space I needed to make more effort in curating my collection. My library in the office was full of old college textbooks, long read and forgotten soft covers and magazines. It was time for a major literary cleanse to purge all the unnecessary items and make room for the books that had intimate meaning for me. Rich in art books of all kind, I decided to shift my attention to finding editions of literary classics that were easy on the eyes displayed in open bookshelves and added just enough edge and color next to my existing collection. In my search for these stunning editions, I made surprisingly great discoveries. These beautiful books make a lovely addition to any literary collection and are thoughtful gifts to a friend.

Penguin Classics


Penguin Drop Caps Series


Puffin in Bloom Set


Juniper Books


Modern Classics F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection


All of these editions are gorgeous and can be purchased through Juniper Books or Amazon.