Beauty Hacks: Nails

beautyhacksnailsWhite Polish As Base

Make any nail color look more vibrant by starting with a base coat of white polish. It will make the color pop!

DIY Matte Nails

Love the look of matte nails? Make your own matte nail polish by mixing any loose powder eyeshadow in with a clear polish, then painting the mixture on your digits.

Faster Drying Nails

Need your nail polish to dry faster? Dunk your digits in a bowl of cold water for one to three minutes to cut your drying time in half.

Tape Your Nails

Place a strip of scotch tape across your nail, paint over with polish, and peel off for a perfect French manicure.

Make Your Polish Last Longer

Put another layer of clear polish 24 hours after your manicure and your will avoid chips longer and have a glossier vibrant polish

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