Beauty Hacks: Makeup

Image courtesy of Vogue Paris

DIY Mat Lips 

Tired of glossy lip and want to try a matte look? How do you know if you like it without buying yet another expensive lipstick? DIY beauty trick, perhaps? Yes, please! Make any lipstick matte with loose powder. Apply your lipstick, place a tissue paper over your lips, then dap over lightly with translucent powder. As the powder settles it will seep through the tissue and mattify your lip. Easy!

Business Card Mascara Trick

Avoid mascara smudging under your eyes by holding up a business card behind your lashes as you apply. Great trick that saves time in clean up!

Lip Balm = Brow Tamer

Did you just run out of your favorite brow gel and are in need of some taming?Use lip balm instead. Dab your finger into the balm and smooth over your brows to settle them into place. Voila!

Instant Dewy Glow

Envious of that model-esque glow you see in all the editorials? Mix a dab of liquid highlighter in with your foundation to get that dewy natural look.

Save Your Shattered Makeup

Have you dropped your blush or eyeshadow and it shattered beyond repair. Don’t rush to toss it into a garbage bin. Instead, add a small amount of rubbing alcohol and mix it into a fine smooth paste. Pat it down and redistribute back into container. Let it settle overnight and, voila, your powder is as good as new!