Beautiful Color, Minus the Chemicals

Original&MineralAmmonia, PPD, and resorcinol, parabens, silicons. You name it, it has it. Your regular box color that is! Lately there has been a lot of controversy about beauty products formulations and expecting mothers, or simply chemical-shy gals, are facing a dilemma to forego coloring their hair altogether or sucking it up and worrying about the possibly harmful effects. What gives? For those of us who like to keep unnecessary synthetic compounds to a minimum yet insist on keeping our envy-enticing hair color root-free, an innovative number of high performance dye products are establishing a new alternative.

Original&Mineral_1Haircare brands like Original & Mineral and Madison Reed are breaking ground for a new hair coloring experience free of worry and label checking. These brands have been successful at removing questionable ingredients without compromising the quality of color. If you are wondering that it would be another henna-orange disaster, worry not. These products are delivering rich shades of blonde, red and brunette all while protecting your locks from harsh hair-follicle-opening ammonia (fried effect, hint hint) and toxic resorcinol and PPD.


MadisonReedI think this is incredible for everyone but especially women who have previously been unable to color their hair due to chemical allergies. While Original & Mineral is currently only available in salons, Madison Reed ships straight to your door. Via an online form, Madison Reed surveys your current hair color, length, texture and skin tone and makes suggestions on the best color shades for you. It also designs a dyeing process directing where to apply the product and how to maintain it longterm. Their 27 shades are a lot to choose from and look promising. I will definitely give these products a try to prevent any damage to my hair with the sun shining bright in California. A hair dye that can maintain my vivid color, healthy hair and not expose me to harsh chemicals? I am all in.

Images courtesy of Original & Mineral and Madison Reed