Artist in Focus: Waldemar Kazak

WKazakThe prerogative of art is to shock, believes Russian illustrator Waldemar Kazak. Kazak is admired for the provocative style, wit and pushing the edges of creative storytelling. The artist sees his works as simply a satirical musing on the modern world. Living in the industrial city of Tver with its factory buildings and smoking plants, Kazak found inspiration in this dark landscape creating imaginative critiques of contemporary obsession with technology and melancholic reflections on urban loneliness. His illustrations are captivating, merging comedy with dark suggestive symbolism. His work features elements of sci-fi and fantasy (robots, giant industrial machines and buildings), retro pin-up girls and the characters from well-known fairytales (mermaids, Little Red Riding Hood). To see Waldemar Kazak’s outstanding portfolio, visit his Tumblr and Facebook accounts. 

All images courtesy of Waldemar Kazak