Artist in Focus: Tim Flach


Tim Flach, a London-based photographer, has  been documenting exotic animals for the past two decades. His photographs are simple, focused solely on the subtle details that impart a certain humanistic dimension to its objects. Flach wants his images to engage people, make them wonder about where we fit in this big diverse world. In a New York Times article, he explains that what partially fascinates people in his images is their humanity as author believes that “how we treat animals is often dependent on how they display characteristics we think are human.”

A collection of Tim Flach’s work was recently published by teNeues in the book called Evolution that brings together a mesmerizing array of living species: primates, underwater life and plants. His website has much more of his work and is incredible! Please read the article sighted above for more on Flach’s creative process and, without further ado, take in the beauty of his photography:

Images courtesy of Tim Flash