Age of Grace

Advanced Style
“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Awhile back when I lived in Manhattan atop of lively Union Square, on my way to the farmers’ market I shared an elevator ride with a mesmerizing lady. I cannot find a better word for my new acquaintance for she was a true lady, a woman of high manners and impeccable style. Perfectly coifed, with an Hermes scarf on her head, large sunglasses, a fur trimmed coat and a delicate clutch – she looked regal. She was also a woman of wisdom, in her mid-eighties from my guess. Our meeting was brief but memorable. Many years have gone by but I still can visualize Greta’s stylish allure, pleasant deep voice, politeness and sharp mind. To me she is a symbol of graceful aging, a woman who remains a woman to her very last day, surrounded by perfume and laughter.

When Ari Seth Cohen, the creator of Advanced Style blog, has published his first book of the same name I was sold! These ladies are a force of nature and energy pours out of them in bold style, rich textures and plenty of pizzaz:

Images courtesy of Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style

And last, just an icing on the cake, this new documentary will steal your heart: