3 French Romances for a Cozy Night In

There are movies you come back to again and again, re-watching them after years go by and never failing to be satisfied with the experience. Love has many shades and French directors have always been my go-tos when it comes to romance, subtle nuances of human desires and just enough drama to keep you on the edge of your seat till the credits roll in. If you feel like having a quiet night at home with a bubble bath, followed by a bottle of rosé and an engaging movie, you can never go wrong with these films:

Love me, if you Dare


Stunning visuals – Amelie-like bursts of color – think cotton candy, donuts, tons of chocolate ice scream and strawberry bubblegum equivalents of color!!! And to top it all off with a good measure of adult plot full of mind-blowing sarcastic wisdom and musings on the importance of imagination in the mundane world of a typical adult. Cotton candy + sarcasm + mind-f… games…please, can I see it for the 10th time already!?


La Fidelite


Beautiful film that left me musing about it for weeks…as a matter of fact I am still thinking about it to this day, even though I saw it two years ago – it just fades in and out of my memory. A free-spirited photographer marries the “right” man just to realize he is not that “right” for her…but she has made a promise and that promise she must keep. Sophie Marceau is at her best here – sensual and ephemeral yet passionate in her values – all of that piled on top of the storyline of journalist dirt, organ trade and corporate competition. French cinema, I love the way you juxtapose universal emotions and doubts on top of political undercurrents and never fail to deliver. Merci!


 The Umbrellas of Cherburg


Romance at its classic best by Jacques Demy. This bitter-sweet love story will leave you enchanted by its aesthetics, narrative and Michel Legrand’s masterpiece score. Twenty year old Catherine Deneuve is luminously alluring in a way that only 60’s fashion can be and the colors of the set and picaresque locales are dreamy. This French musical movie was nominated for five Oscars and it is easy to see why – a must see!