25 Ideas on How to Spend Your Weekend Together

Women and man holding cups of coffeeYou have lived with your husband or boyfriend for several years now. Every time the weekend arrives you entertain yourselves with a usual hangout with friends, movie, and restocking your fridge for the busy week ahead. This gets dull at times and you wish to find more ways to spice up the routine and embrace a new experience to amp up the fun factor and bring you closer as lovers, friends and partners in crime. Here I have jotted down a few ideas that I hope will inspire you whether the sun shines bright or the wind keeps you cozy inside.

  1. Ride bicycles to the park and have a picnic
  2. Visit a flee market to hunt for antiques
  3. Refresh your home decor: buy new pillows, curtains or area rug
  4. Invite a group of friends for potluck night where each is responsible for cooking something delicious
  5. Remember your first date together and replicate it
  6. Make your own ice cream
  7. Create a mood board where you and your handsome pin your dreams and ideas
  8. Play a sports game outside: soccer, softball, badminton… really anything!
  9. Have a photo session in a beautiful setting outside 
  10. Plan your next vacation together
  11. Go to a music concert by your favorite band
  12. Play a board game inside when it rains with a cup of hot chocolate in hand
  13. Have a date night in a restaurant with exotic cuisine and eat something you have never tried before
  14. Enjoy some thrilling go-cart racing
  15. Spend a night at the hotel and pretend you are tourists in your city by sightseeing, attending a cool exhibition and going to theater in the evening
  16. Take a class together: photography, programming, dance, foreign language
  17. Take a scenic drive to the beach or countryside nearby 
  18. Go to farmer’s market and cook a new recipe together
  19. Visit amusement or aqua park
  20. Make individual lists of all the activities your enjoy, swap and take turns picking from each list every weekend 
  21. Read a book to each other before bedtime
  22. Go to a local film festival or just have a movie marathon 
  23. Be daring and go rock climbing, bungee jumping or sky diving
  24. Unplug with a couples massage
  25. Write each other a love letter…open a year from now