10 Things I am Loving Right Now

1) Ballet Beautiful


I cannot get enough of Mary Helen Bowers’ intense ballet workout. The first time I tried it I wanted to cry as the drops of sweat formed at my temples and my thighs cramped from multiple repetitions. Now it is one workout I cannot imagine my week without and I try to dedicate at least two hours to it on top of my yoga and cardio routine. Ballet Beautiful is highly effective giving your muscles definition through toning and lengthening. You will see a thinner and more defined physique within 2 weeks with no chance of bulking up. And that is a clear winner in my book!

2) “I’ll Drink to That” by Betty Halbreich

IllDrinktoThatA wonderful book about the reinvention of society beauty into the legendary personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman. The story is honest, bold and relatable in that very girl-to-girl fashion with no embarrassing detail spared and emotional vulnerability hidden. Betty Halbreich has helped many a socialite, Hollywood star and woman of the street find her true self through clothes, genuine advice and unparalleled kindness. Her sassy personality and style-savvy  is trusted by the most discriminating persons, clients and fashion stylists alike. Here is a taste of her wit in an interview for Vanity Fair.

3) CH by Carolina Herrera


A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a newly opened CH by Carolina Herrera boutique and fell in love. I did not realize that Carolina Herrera had a ready-to-wear brand launched in 2008 – I know I arrived to the party pretty late! The collection for Spring/Summer 2015 is beautiful with colorful silk pyjama-style numbers, bold stripes and 1960’s dress silhouettes. It is a dream! Stay tuned for my new summer looks as I did do a little shopping damage at this fabulous store!

4) Cartier Juste un Clou Ring


Obsessed. I finally got my hands on this fantastic yellow gold ring – yay birthday! Designed in the 1970s, Juste un Clou is a symbol of the creative rebellious era in New York City, the glamour of endless nights at Studio 54 and bold self-expression. I love this daring masculine ring that can be worn alone or stacked with a pave diamond band ring.

5) Sheet Masks

SephoraSheetMasksI first discussed my discovery of Korean sheet masks in Posh Rx Beauty Finds and I still love them. They are mess-free, address variety of skin concerns and so easy to use. They are perfect for travel too as being disposable they come in singular flat packs easy to slide into your makeup bag. Sephora is catching up and has an entire stand dedicated to sheet masks.

6) Banh Mi Sandwich


I love sandwiches of all kinds: panini, tuna melts, shawarma wraps. You name it I’ll eat it. Lately, however, I have been craving banh mi. Perfectly spicy with tender pork on a freshly baked french baguette. Mmmm…

7) Mexico

StRegisPuntaMitaEver since I went to Los Cabos, I cannot get enough of Mexican resorts. Living in San Francisco it is a quick direct 3-hour flight. I am able to hop on a plane and enjoy a long weekend playing in the sand and soaking up the sun… all while eating fish tacos and sipping margaritas. Heaven! So far I have visited, One & Only Palmilla in Cabo, Viceroy in Zihutanejo and are about to go to St. Regis in Punta Mita. Stay tuned for a review and plenty of pictures!

8) Peonies

PeoniesMy favorite flowers and they are in season now! I was a very bad girl and plucked some cherry tree blossoms in the park around our house. They look amazing in the tiny vases accompanying my peony arrangement!

9) Ebay Art Finds

EugeneValentinI am constantly scoping Ebay for costume jewelry, exotic accessories and hard to find foreign cosmetics. Lately I found myself checking art out too. My latest find is the talented illustrator Eugene Valentin. His lithograph prints of Paris city life are affordable and darling.

10) Bob Haircut

BobHaircutThe bob trend hasn’t slowed down and I can’t get enough of its elegance, versatility and chic! Love it!